Yoga originated in India some five thousand years ago. The idea behind this was to maintain balance between the body, the mind and the soul. Practicing the postures is seen as a meditation because it requires concentration and observation of the body: here and now.

The body and the mind are connected to each other and interact with each other. When there are many thoughts, this also affects the attitudes and vice versa. With yoga you develop more self-control, concentration and inner peace. Furthermore, the body becomes more powerful and smoother.

What yoga can do for you is different for everyone. For one it is to give attention to the body and to keep it supple. Another can practice yoga to keep balance between mind and body. A common meaning is to experience happiness, freedom and softening. A free translation of this is: striving for the best version of yourself. Yoga also ensures health, mental peace and emotional balance.

Yoga effects on Body and Mind

  • Improve fitness
  • Develop more energy
  • Improve of muscle building and flexibility of the joints
  • Burning fat and improvement of the digestion system
  • Improvement of posture and reduction of headache, back-, shoulder- and neckpain
  • Activating the nervous system
  • Improvement of the hormonal system
  • DSC09231.JPGSelf-awareness and more confidence
  • More confidence in your body
  • Reduction of stress and more relaxation
  • Living in the NOW
  • Strengthening of perseverance and concentration
  • Balance between body and mind

Everybody can do yoga!

What does yoga means to you?

Yoga course/classes

Yin/Yang Yoga

I fully support the Yin/Yang Yoga concept and would like to tell you more about it. Yin/Yang is a symbol that isn’t opposed to each other but which strives for balance. Balance between quiet and dynamic, slow and fast, feminine and masculine and cold and warm. The one can not do without the other; oppositions that reinforce each other. This also applies to the combination of yoga classes.
Balance between the body and the mind

The Yang part (Power Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga) consists of dynamic yoga. It consists of powerful postures that pass into flow and are performed on the breathing rhythm. It consists of sun salutations, postures that change from standing to sitting to lying down, which then changes into Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga is an intense yoga style in which relaxation, mindfulness, mobility and suppleness of connective tissue and stimulation of life energy come together. It is at odds with the hectic and complex life. Yin Yoga is a quiet lesson where you stay in an attitude for 3 to 5 minutes. Furthermore, there is no use of muscle strength and you can follow your own natural breath. Most postures are sitting or lying down.

Each lesson will start with a meditation and will conclude with a savasana – final meditation – and a cup of tea.

It is possible to follow a separate lesson or an entire course (10 lessons) and each lesson lasts 1.15 hours. During a course you have enough time to find out what yoga can do for you. You can always ask questions and I will walk through the group to give you advice or support. Each lesson will be adapted to the group and what you need at that time. My goal is to ensure that you finish the lesson with the feeling of gratitude, satisfaction and trust in your own body.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga is a combination of mindfulness and yoga. During this lesson we will talk to each other – depending on the chosen theme – and we will use this in a meditation and the yoga practice. The yoga will be slower during this lesson than a Yin/Yang yoga class.

It is a wonderful combination of the mind and body and works well on the balance in yourself.

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