Yoga is for everyone: also for you!

You read it correctly… you can start yoga! Regularly that I meet people who tell me that yoga isn’t for them. One tells me: I am not agile, the other one tells honestly: my body is not suitable and the last one: my body doesn’t doing what I exactly want. Dear people, yoga isn’t about it! Everyone can start with! I will explain you what yoga can do for you.


Yoga is really for everyone! It stands for paying attention to yourself: your body and your breath. By means of the breath you link your body and your mind. This by giving full attention which means: following that what your body indicates. Precisely with an open-mind and without prejudices. This is one of the most important and difficult lessons of yoga. Because who doesn’t recognize. it… making heavy demand on yourself?!

Yoga stands for more than only the breath or the body. It is a lifestyle. Something which can cause: balance, inner peace and happiness. If you succeed this only then you can care for others. Thus, in addition to the physical part it is also about meditating, being aware and present. This can lead to no longer striving for perfectionism and being pleasant with yourself and your body. 

The first step to yoga…

When you start yoga, there is a lot to paying attention to: the way your body stands, tightening your muscles and controlling your breathing. Certainly, you don’t have to do it immediately! A hint is to start with focussing on good standing pose. Know that every person is unique and every body is different: different proportions and positions of muscles. This means that your body is very smooth and flows easy in a pose but another pose is very difficult – in fact you will never flow in that pose. This then is the range of motion: the full extension and stretchting of the limit of a muscle. 

So some places in your body are immediately flexible and places to work on. When you start with your own practice you will find it out. Fascinating to discovering your body on this way. Besides this, do you know the pronunciation:  Practice practice all is coming … it sounds good but in reality there is an endpoint in your body which isn’t possible to bend more. This applies to everyone: also to yogi and teachers! When you are able to be satisfied with it… then you are well on the road on the yoga road*!


Going back to the pronunciation: my body isn’t suitable. It is something what I often encounterDit is iets wat ik vaak tegenkom. Dear people, what is the appropriate body?! I don’t think that there is a specific right body. All yogateachers are different, have a different body ánd all give classes. What is important, is your health and having a good and stable weight. It is about a healthy lifestyle! This consists of moving, meditating and healthy, conscious nutrition. Taking care of yourself is the best selfish thing you can do… trust your gut! Sometimes the difference between your mind and body can be confusing. A meditation could be useful than: just stop thinking and turn the attention inward and just observing thoughts, emotions and sensations without to do anything. When you know that every body is suitable for yoga (also your body!), try to trust on your own body without requiring anything or looking at the neighbor. Every time it will be different: one time it goes smoothly and the other time it goes little les. This is depending on how you feel and what’s going through your mind: the contact between your mind and your body. Being observant and trusting your own body will contribute to the trust and satisfaction in yourself.

To ease a yoga pose, you can make use of some tools like meditation pillows, bolsters, blocks and belts.


Sometimes it doesn’t feel right…

Sometimes your body doesn’t doing what you exactly want…  who recognize this? Perhaps that you are suffering from a headache or migraine, whereby you lying down on bed regularly. Maybe that you are suffering from neck- and backside pain because of stress and another example is epilepsy: feeling like you’re out of your body without any control. Whatever it is, it ensures that you don’t always feel comfortable or safe in your own body. Why that I recommend yoga and what do you achieve from it?

Well, when you start with yoga you will give attention to yourself – your inner side – and observing what there is: how do you feel yourself and what do you need. During a (short) breath meditation, you might be able to spread this attention through your body and giving some more to the spots in your body which need a little bit more. Thus with an inhale you go to the spots and with an exhale you relax more. Everything that still is there: the headache, the pain in your neck or backside or the fear… take it with you during the yoga practice! Of course, it is important to ask some advice from a professional in case of serious complaints.

From personal expierence, I know that it could be difficult to start with it and that it will take time. You don’t have to fight against it or negate it, or being ashamed of yourself because it is understandable and human. When you admit this, then you create the space to see what you need. Maybe that you start with a meditation and the yoga practice or not. However, you are aware of it and stay nice as you are!  

Sometimes yoga cause that thoughts and emotions will arise: allow this. Also know that you can always go to the yoga teacher to put this down. Than she can give you tools and focus with you on your positive qualities: ensuring that you expierence the positive effects of yoga. You too have qualities!

During the yoga practice you give the full attention to the postures: muscles, breath what can lead to standing back from the specific complaints. This because during the meditation you go to it and giving full attention, you don’t avoid longer and allow it. When you go back to it again and again than yoga can reduce your pain, decrease your stress and increase your sense of self-confidence and satisfaction!

When I got epilepsy, I completely lost the feeling for my own body. The trust, the power and the love for myself. Due to yoga, I got it all back again and in the meantime I am very grateful for who I am! This is something I try to pass on to everyone during my yoga classes! Also you are all right.



Going back to the start of this article: whether you have to be agile, if your body is suitable for yoga and what if it doesn’t do what you want… I hope that this text has answered this: it isn’t about it in the yoga world. Moreover, yoga can ensure that your body becomes increasingly flexible: you will experience it by yourself. During yoga class you can make use of yoga tools and it isn’t about your look or the shape of your body. However, keeping balance and a healthy lifestyle is important! Although, your body doesn’t always do what you want and and you take the first step to start with yoga, it can lead to less pain, a decrease in stress and an increase in the feeling of self-confidence, satisfaction and happiness. Hopefully that you can do something with it and that I will meet you while walking your yoga path.
If you are curious about more information or when you have a specific question, then you can always contact me.


For me, yoga stands for balance: balance between the mind and the body. Namasté