Yin Yang YOGA in Leiden

Leiden is an inspiring and energetic city with many possibilities and also a city with much incentives. There is so much to do that sometimes it is difficult to make a decision. You just keep grinding, forget your body and don’t be aware of THE moment. The tool which is very useful… yoga! Moreover is the combination of Yin and Yang. Wondering if this is useful? Read on! 

Yin and Yang stand for two principles that reinforce each other also in the yoga world. The one cannot exist without the other and ensures for balance. Yin stands for stillness, slowly, female and cold. Yang stands for dynamic, fast, male and warm. Yin yoga is an intense yogastyle in which relaxation, mindfulness, mobility and the flexibility of the ligament come together. This leads to a flow of life energy. It is the opposite of the hectic and complex lifestyle! Yang yoga is a dynamic form of yoga and consists of powerful poses (asana’s) that are performed in coordination with the breath (pranayama). There is a flow in the yoga sequence and transition poses act as bridge between standing, sitting and lying poses.

Benefits of Yoga in Leiden

The way of life in the West and certainly in the city Leiden seems like Yang. It is about a goal oriented life with many possibilities. This often leads to stress, headache or a burn-out. How to come back in balance? Well, Yin is the connective tissue and makes sure that you make safe and secure contact with your body in stillness. It also stands for the being-mode: acceptation, letting go and come back to yourself. It it slowly, static and soft. Yang is useful to feel your power and to get the confidence in yourself. This dynamic form makes sure that you give attention to your body and give your mind a rest.

During my study period in Leiden, I found it difficult to know what I wanted and how to balance study and personal life. Therefore, at least once a week I went to a Yang yoga lesson. Mainly that I followed a Power, Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga lesson.  Always that I came home full of power and fresh energy. When you experience flow during a yoga class then you give full attention to your body and take a distance of your mind. During that period, I was experience meditations and it fits nicely into Yin. With this, I started my days with fresh energy and confidence. My statement: a new day full of opportunities and possibilities and knowing it is not always “the best”.

At the start and the end of a yoga lesson there is a one meditation moment: to come here and now. You can compare it with mindfulness. Yoga is more than just a physical workout. It is also about your innerside and to discover yourself. Sometimes it is funny and special and sometimes it is frustrating and confronting*. Then you learn how to deal with it. After a time you discover how to accept it. Namely, it is how it is and with this you are able to find what you need and how to deal with it. Of course it isn’t easy but know that you are not alone!

When you start with a new period. For example, when you passed your study and start working, then a lot can change. It is possible that you are living on an automatic-pilot. Also then, yoga is really useful! Because you remain alert and attentive and that have the power to choose how to create your life. During a yoga lesson, you pay attention to your body which will improve yourself: it leads to more power, energy and self-confidence.

Living in a city with a noisy and busy environment; yoga is useful to introvert in a peaceful, warm and comfortable room. It is a moment for yourself and to balance your body, your mind and your soul. It is a moment to take distance from incentives, thoughts and difficult choices and give attendance to your body. It will leads to a moment of zen by which you will come home in balance. The environment in Leiden has enough nature: a park or the beach and it is a wonderful place to practice yoga. It is a fresh and calm environment: where the wind blows through your hair with peaceful sounds from outside. When it will get warmer, I will come back to this!

For now… more information about the Yin yoga or Yang yoga lessons or the combination of Yin / Yang yoga lessons in Leiden? Register now for a lesson! This via an email or by phone.

* The combination of mindfulness could be more powerful.