What is mindfulness & the courses/training

What is mindfulness?

To say it shortly, mindfulness means a way of training your own attention. As humans, we are often too busy with everything. Often, we are with our heads up in the clouds, constantly thinking about the future and things that happened in the past. This means that we are frequently not in the NOW. Because of this we miss a lot of the things that are present in the now; how we really feel and what is happening around us. How great wouldn’t it be to get completely lost in those moments, such as a sunset or listening to music?

Mindfulness can help you switch from the “auto-pilot” to the “be-mode.” Instead of automatically resisting against annoying feelings, you can try to stand still at those feelings in an accepting, not a judging way. This will allow you to feel what you are experiencing in that moment. This is a skill you can practice. Just like doing sports to train your muscles, your mind can learn to relax. To not react immediately on everything. To discover those tied up patterns and to get your freedom. To see thoughts as mental happenings which come and go, instead of facts which you need to do all kinds of things with. The result? You will become calmer, get a more positive way of living and you’ll learn to watch situations with curiosity and mildness. Even the things which you more preferably want to avoid. To look back at my quote “balance: compassion for yourself!” In which you can really focus your attention to the situations around you.

For whom?

Mindfulness is suitable for everyone: whether you are suffering from stress and anxiety, insecurity, fear or pain or just because you want to get more peace and balance in your live and would like to enjoy life. Growing body of research show the positive effects of practicing mindfulness. You will trust your body and mind more, which will enable you to make more consciously choices and improve your concentration. In short:

  • Reducing stress
  • Better concentration
  • Better sleep
  • Better way of dealing with psychical problems and pain
  • Less worrying
  • A better way of handling depressive complaints or recovering from a burn-out
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Recognition of daily patterns
  • More balance in life
  • A more consciously way of living and enjoying more of life


What does the training consist of?

The entire training consists of eight sessions of 2 to 2,5 hours, in which we will handle a different theme each time. A set part are meditation, attention exercises and simple movement exercises to get a more consciously way of living. Between the training you will practice at home with audio material and guided meditations. You will also get a workbook to take with you in which you will deepen furthermore and get to work.

The training can be followed both in a group as well as on an individual basis. In a group, you can also learn from and share with the other participants. On an individual basis, the program can be more focused on your own goals and desires. In both cases we will have a short interview to get acquinted and discuss your goals.


What is a workshop?

First of all, a workshop is suitable for everyone. Depending on what kind of workshop, there will be a meditation to go back for a little while to the NOW or to freshen up your mindfulness. It is also very suitable for people who hesitate to follow a mindfulness training. You can find more information here: mindfulness workshops.