Target Audience

For whom?

As a human being ánd as a mindfulness trainer and yoga teacher I am suitable for everyone: everyone is welcome! Mindfulness is very useful for everyone. Living in the NOW creates space for yourself: the ability to make choices.

In addition, I like to use my own background story and experience when it comes to health. Since I got epilepsy, I specialized in this area: people with epilepsy and / or a chronic illness. Mindfulness (and yoga) can help you in the process of acceptance: by discovering together what you need to deal with this. Do not forget what you can do and what makes you happy. Know that you’re not epilepsy, you have epilepsy!

Maybe you suffer from the stimuli and the pressure around you, maybe you have a burnout; then mindfulness (and yoga) can help you.

In the end, I also offer mindfulness and / or yoga workshops and session for companies who are related to health. Think of an in-service day for epilepsy care providers or a workshop for employees of the Leiden University. 

For more information you can contact me to see if I can mean something for you.


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