Mindfulness for businesses

Live in the Flow offers mindfulness for companies. Why mindfulness at work?

Many people experience a high workload that results in regular stress. This can lead to physical and psychological symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, stress and eventually burnout. This does not just result from a high pressure because there is also a private life.

Research has shown that 33 to 50% of absenteeism in companies related to stress or psychological causes. Is there anything to this pressure decrease?

That’s … mindfulness! It means paying attention to the feelings and thoughts of these pressures leading to stress. This can be done by physical movements like for example sport or yoga. In addition, mental health is very important, something good mindfulness to connect.

A mindfulness training means being aware of what’s actually going on inside you, what you think and feel and what effect it has on you as a person and this in your life. This way you’ll be behind your daily patterns and you can be aware in this way and – if desired change your patterns: personal growth!

Benefits for the company

  • reduce absenteeism: stabilize continuity and effectiveness
  • more control and better performance within a company
  • better collaboration within a company
  • employees can concentrate better and longer
  • employees respond more aware of the situation and less on impulse

Benefits for employees 

  • getting more energy due to make a more conscious attitude and choices (relaxed)
  • 50% less likely to burn out because less susceptible to stress and consciously present
  • more pleasant communication between staff
  • having more confidence, energy, vigor
  • more confidently

During the work it is very convenient to regularly take a step back and thus again bright and fresh to continue.

Live in the Flow offers mindfulness (and yin / yang yoga) workshops and trainings. The program can be completely customized.

For more information:

  • Anne Jeen
  • Phone: 06-34 12 82 15
  • Email: anne.liveintheflow@gmail.com