In the media and references

On 1st June 2018, there was a training day for care providers in the epilepsy world. As experience expert I gave workshops about: Epilepsy and the impact on life, what can mindfulness do?. 

The epilepsy information book “Spiedie” for children (3 to 5 years) appeared on 4 April 2018. I enjoyed my work! For more information look at the site: Spiedie.

Recently I was approached by the Leidsch Dagblad to thank me for cooperating in the plan for a stimulus free fair in Leiden. You can click here for more information (in Dutch)

No Limits Network is a cross medial platform for people who want to broaden their borders and are searching for this. People who are sensitive for stimuli can’t always go to the fair. Given example: people with epilepsy who find it a great pity. Because I live in Leiden I was approached to cooperate on this, and I have done this for all the people who want to go to a stimulus free fair!

Recently I was interviewed by Ms. Smitsloo about my way of living with epilepsy. The interview was placed on 26th August 2017 in the Leidsch Dagblad. You can read it back here (in Dutch)

During the El Cid week in Leiden I have given interactive workshops on 16th August 2017. The theme of these workshops was: how to handle stress and stress in the first period of the student life: studying and free time.

Hoezo Anders is a foundation who wants to help young people with a not-visible handicap or chronic sickness to easily find their way in our society. I was given the opportunity to become a chief editor for Hoezo Anders. I have chosen for this because it connected to my own experiences and Live in the Flow.

In June I was approached by Noorderland Lifestylemagazine over Noord-Nederland with the question if they could publicize my offer of mindfulness workshops at Schiermonnikoog (9-15 July). If you would like to, you can read them here.

It was nice to be in the local newspaper in Leiden: De put in de Oude Morsch. You can read the whole interview here.

In May I was interviewed by Zenzoekers, questioning me how I create balance in my daily life. You can read the interview here.

“De Vereniging voor Mindfulness is een beroepsvereniging voor mindfulness professionals.” This roughly translates to “The association for mindfulness is a professional association for mindfulness professionals.” This means working with mindfulness in another way, thinking about it: training, guidance and courses. In order to connect this, quality in mindfulness can be improved every time. I am also connected to this association and through the agenda on their website you can view my courses, workshops and lectures. For everyone who is interested, I invite you to look at this website Vereniging Voor Mindfulness

During the EL CID introduction week in August 2016 I have given two lectures at the Faculty of Social Sciences, about the concept of mindfulness. This was a Dutch lecture for the first-year students for the Psychology study. I have also given an English-lecture to the foreign students who are here for their Psychology masters. It was very special and interesting to be able to do this. What inspired me most was to see that the students participated actively during a concrete mindfulness exercise and responded to the questions.