Surprise… in the week of February 24 to March 1 2019 (Spring break), there will be organised a special retreat holiday in Tenerife…. especially for you all! It will be a combination of yoga, mindfulness, workshops ánd free time. Except that it takes place on a lovely island: sun, sea, nature, and more… I will let you experience what yoga and mindfulness can do for you. This all will ensure that – when you are back home – you have more confidence in your body, you will find what you need in a period of epileptic activity ánd you will know what inspires you…

It is a holiday for 6 persons. In addition, it is possible to come together with your partner, mother/father or an important person. Also for you it will be a nice period: a opportunity to develop personally ánd to know what mindfulness and yoga can do for people with epilepsy. Firstly, there will be an intake and further there will be groupsessions. Of course, you are always able to come to me for an individual talk.

Already, write it down in your diary… more information will follow soon!

If you can’t wait or if you have a question, you can always contact me over the phone: 06 34 12 82 15 or via email:

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