Dear you, how nice that you are visiting this page and curious about what I can do for you. Maybe you have epilepsy or that you know someone with it or maybe you are working in the epilepsy environment. Well, you are at the right address! I have epilepsy and know exactly how it feels, what it means (thoughts and emotions of doubts/fear/sadness/and more…) and I know how it can changes your life. It is nice to tell to that I know a manner how to deal with it. Well, with this capacity, attention, love and a listening ear I am willing to help you!

My name is Anne and when I was 15 years old, I got epilepsy. My life turned upside down. It was confusing, scary and sad and to deal with it I started with mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy and yoga. With this, I learned to be in the present moment in the HERE and NOW and I slowly that I found the capacity in myself and my body. Maybe that you are thinking that this is something for others and that it is never feasible for you… then know that I have experience in years and indeed it isn’t always easy! When you realize this and accept it then you create your space. What is useful to know is the following: you are not epilepsy, but you have epilepsy. This ensures that you disconnect yourself from the epilepsy and that you are a person who can do what you enjoy! Thus find your power, something that inspires you and what you need to deal with your epilepsy. If you are curious about my own story then you can read it here.

What can I do for you?

With my experience in the field of epilepsy, I am the right person for you to understand what you need to deal with it. Except a listening ear, I can give you advice and help you to find the capacity back in yourself and your body. Well, I am a mindfulness trainer and yin/yang yoga teacher. This exists of dynamic and intense postures in flow combined with calm and relaxing postures in which you learn to surrender to what is there. Of course that I help you to find the balance in this and how to adapt it to your body.

Epilepsy could also be tricky for people which have a partner, a family member or an important person with epilepsy. I am here for you! With an individual mindfulness training or group training I can give you handles. It could be useful to make a combination of yoga and mindulness.

Finally, for people without epilepsy who are working in the epilepsy world it is sometimes difficult to understand and feel exactly what clients mean. Besides this, the work pressure is enormous and sometimes and sometimes difficult to deal with it. Mindfulness can learn you how to deal with it. I am also available for this: to give a customizing training or to give a workshop.

Curious about more information? Then look further!

When you have a question or when you want to know more than you can contact me by phone: 06 34 12 82 15 or mail: anne.liveintheflow@gmail.com.

Even though you don’t always see it… the sun shines always!