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Mindfulness en Yoga

Enjoying life, being healthy and being happy. Those are the things that I find important, and keep my life in balance. Mindfulness and yoga are two themes that inspire me. Living life in the NOW. Being who you are and regularly standing still at this. A moment of switching to the “be-mode.” Knowing that I have no control over my life and enjoy all moments without demanding or expecting too much. When I experience stress, I observe this and know that I have the possibility to make a choice: knowing that this is part of being human and that I am the one who has the possibility to make a choice.

At a young age, I found out that health is something you are dependent on and that this sometimes means that you can’t do everything that you would like to do. During that period, I myself started with the mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) and I have learnt a lot from this! When I was 15 years old, I got a form of epilepsy, which had a big impact on my life. During those years mindfulness was very useful for me. I didn’t put away all the feelings like anxiety, sadness, frustration and powerlessness. Instead of putting them away I consciously stood still at them. And that’s why I had the freedom to make a choice about how I would deal with it. This has made me who I am and it has inspired me greatly. How great the power of mindfulness can be! Being in the NOW because your life will go as it goes.

Shortly after, I started to follow yoga something I believe in. It ensures that you make contact with your body with full attention. I got to know my body even better and became grateful it. I noticed that the body is dependent on the mind and vice versa. Thus, when I am thinking a lot during a yogaclass than it manifests it on the body. This ensures that I will be off balance.

Because of this, I found out that it is not only about the body or the mind but that they affect each other. Well, I think it is about balance. Therefore the combination of minduflness. It is close to each other and strengthen each other!

That’s why I am a certified mindfulness trainer since 2016 and yin yang yoga teacher. During the yoga lessons the focus is on the body. It is something which enriches my task as a mindfulness trainer. This in combination with my university background, is something I will pass along with joy to everyone who is interested in it. Live in the Flow!

International Studies 

The study International Studies which I have attended at Leiden University, studies the politics, economics, culture and history from the Cold War on to cohesion in the world from a specific region. The specific area I had chosen was Latin-America with the Spanish language. During this study, I have learned to think broad and to know that everyone thinks from their own perspective. This is something which inspires me tremendously. To see that there are different ways and points on how everyone stands in their life, and that this doesn’t mean they exclude everyone else. In contrast even! It makes the cohesion with each other grow.

A little bit about my own personality. I am someone who goes for something for the fully 100%. What I do, I do with love and full attention. All the things I can do with a smile on my face! Some things that inspire me conclude travelling, meeting and getting to know other cultures with a different way of living, and to get in a conversation with those people. I also like to take photos, finding peace in nature or at the beach and salsa dancing. I love to be around people, like my friends, my family and coincidental encounters which can lead to interesting and valuable conversations. Also learning much with only observing the surroundings or situations, and with this getting back to the “be-mode.” I love to delve into Buddhism, Altruism, Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ghandi and many more. Just like attending a lecture from Ban Ki Moon as well as Kofi Annan.

Mindfulness en Yoga certificates

  • Mindfulness trainer VMBN Cat.2
  • Power Yoga teacher (Yang 1)
  • Vinyasa Yoga teacher (Yang 2)
  • Yin Yoga 1 teacher
  • Yin Yoga 2 teacher (subtle body)