Yoga in flow on the beach

Yoga in flow on the beach…

The spring has sprung and I often go to the beach. What am I doing there? Firstly, I am working on this article to explain you the attraction of the beach and my idea to offer yoga classes of an hour two times a week. This will take place in Katwijk aan Zee. Furthermore, it is always relaxing to take a walk and to sit on the beach: noticing what I see, hear, feel and smell. This in combination with a meditation and my own yoga practice! I love to work in this environment… always that I am in flow! 

Well, I am asking myself why I always enjoy the beach. I think because there isn’t a lot to do and the ambiance is always relaxed. It seems is everyone is happy: children play with each other and make sandcastles. The youth have fun together: chillen or very active playing volleybal. The adults walk hand in hand and swim with pleasure in the sea. Well, the beach is an attractive place for me! Maybe also because of the comfortable clothes you wear on the beach… I like that!

Furthermore, here it seems if I have less stimuli compared to the life in the city. In a city there is much more activity, traffic, chaos and it seems if the atmosphere on the beach is much more clean. Here on the beach there is much more wind, waves, gulls and nature! On the one hand, it is always the same what you see here and on the other hand, it isn’t. Every time, the clouds, the sunrise and sunset are different: it is something I really enjoy! It It is fascinating to look at the small strandlopers which are always moving in the same direction. Also the waves inspire me… knowing that they always come and go. When my head is full then I let my thoughts go with the waves… again and again.

With this I always find new inspiration and ideas. During my study I used it: to read articles and studying on the beach. Therefore, when I was at home to write an article and noticed that I didn’t have inspiration… I went to the beach. For me it is a healing place, I guess. It is a place to let everything go and find calmness, to find new inspiration, a place to enjoy with friends and a place to pay attention to your body! This can be done in various ways… for a walk, to surf, to run, to swim and also yoga!

Yoga inspires me beacuse during my own practice I give full attention to my body to feel what there is and to move on it. This also means to be aware in the moment and to calm my mind. That is a choice… do you want to let your thoughts go?! Sometimes you are thinking about something important and what you don’t want to forget, so that your attention disappears. This is an interesting expierence. In one way or another, it seems if my mind calm quicker on the beach… indeed if my mind calm inmediately when I am there. Because then, I only hear waves, wind and gulls and I am in the flow. A flow what leads to attention for my body whereby I start with my yoga practice by which my body goes from one posture to the other.

This is something I would like to share my yoga with you. Yoga on the beach: a combination of Yang en Yin. This class will start with a meditation and will change over in Yang: dynamic yoga in flow and where you keep everything under control: your muscles and breath. This will be turn to Yin: where it It is a class where it is about total relaxation, surrender and letting go. This Yoga on the beach will be an hour Yoga where you touch all areas in your body and relax your mind. 

I sincerely hope that it will do as much to you as it did to me.




In short:

  • It starts again in 2019



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