Mindfulness for companies

Live in the Flow offers mindfulness for companies. Why mindfulness at work?

Many people experience a high workload which regularly results in stress. This can lead to physical and psychic complaints like irritation, anxiety, tension and eventually a burnout. This doesn’t have to arise because of a high workload, because there is also a private life.

Research states that 33 – 50% of absenteeism in a company is related to stress or psychic causes. Is there something to lower the high workload?

Yes there is: mindfulness! It means giving attention to the feeling and the thoughts of this pressure, which can lead to stress. This can be achieved by physical activities like sports or yoga. Besides that is psychic health very important, something which can be helped with mindfulness.

A mindfulness training means being aware of what actually takes place in you, what you think and feel and what effect it has on you as a person and in your life. This way you can get behind your daily patterns, and you can become aware of this and, if desired, change your patterns: personal growth!

Benefits for the company:

  • Reducing absenteeism: keeping the continuity and effectivity stable
  • A better overview and better performance in a company
  • Better cooperation within a company
  • Employees can concentrate better and longer
  • Employees respond more consciously in a situation and less on impulse

Benefits for the employees:

  • Gaining more energy due to a more conscious lifestyle and making choices (relaxed)
  • 50% less likely to burnout due to reduced sensitivity to stress and a conscious presence
  • More pleasant communication between employees
  • Having more self-confidence, energy and willpower
  • More self-conscious

During work, it is very convenient to relax once in a while, in that way you can continue with a new fresh and bright look.

Live in the Flow offers mindfulness (and yin/yang-yoga) workshops and trainings. The program can be entirely customized.


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