Experiences after a mindfulness course

“The course is well structured. After each lesson you will get a little summary of that day home. This is very nice, but the most important thing I think is that Anne closely watches which pace suits you and what you like. She can really feel when you want or don’t want to start with something. This makes the lessons nice to attend. From the start on she builds a trusting atmosphere in which you can tell personal things, if you need to.”



“I’m so glad that I followed this mindfulness course. After the first four sessions, I already noticed that I more often took a moment of peace. I also like the bodyscan, even more when Anne says it. She has such an open and attractive appearance and a pleasant voice. She gave inspiring examples, which helped me a lot. Because of her backstory she is an inspiring example.”



“I always wanted to take a Mindfulness course and I am definitely happy with the one I took. Anne is a really great instructor! She is very passionate about mindfulness and that really helps us as a group to get into it too! She always gave us space to express ourselves and we were free to say how we felt, without any judgements. She was very helpful and has really good advice. It was easy to follow the course and it taught me how to appreciate the present moment. I also learned how to deal with stress better and remain calm in situations. Most importantly, the course really felt like much needed therapy in the moment, but also very useful for the future. I would definitely recommend it!”


“During the mindfulness course Anne made sure that I could feel open and relaxed. She gave me good and clear instructions and is an inspiration for many people. What she radiates is warmth and love. After this course I have learned to spend more attention to myself. This resulted in a great personal development. I am sure to keep going like this for the time being.” 


“Mindfulness for me is knowing exactly what you’re doing right now. The human brain is very old and didn’t had the time to adjust to our constantly changing society. More than often we are caught in a circle of bustle, stress and other things that ask for our attention. And even though it works, it isn’t the most optimal way of living. A whole new world full of beautiful things will open if we learn to live in the moment, and to not take ourselves too seriously. Because what you think is not who you are. The challenge is to train yourself to keep thinking about this. Anne does this in a calm and relaxing way, so that you can experience the benefits yourself. She coaches you through the challenges you will find in yourself. Everything is a choice; the question though is if you make them consciously or unconsciously.”


“I have followed the mindfulness sessions with much joy and success. There was much personal attention, partly because the group wasn’t that big. Anne is capable of keeping the right balance between giving instructions and creating space and silence. It was a valuable experience. Since implementing on a daily basis is not always easy, I decided to also sign me in for the next block.”



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